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Zobha®, is a Sanskrit word meaning "grace, beauty, and brilliance.” Their vision is to create a distinctive line of yoga wear products that consist of the most luxurious, high-quality fabric, and details of earthly elegance. With elevated design aesthetic, premium quality, and performance, they quickly became a recognizable brand in yoga studios nationwide.

As a company, they are committed to creating women’s exercise clothing that is thoughtfully designed to ensure all activities surrounding the business are handled responsibly. The Zobha Foundation works to provide opportunities to those within communities who might not otherwise have access to the necessary resources to help them achieve their true potential.

Today, Zobha has evolved into a true activewear brand that reflects their principles of grace, beauty, and brilliance in its women’s exercise apparel. To support the ever-changing fashion needs of women, Zohha has introduced a collection including performance, loungewear, maternity, outerwear, and fitness apparel.