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At Woodlore, our creations include finely crafted cedar shoe trees that absorb moisture, and prolong the beauty and longevity on fine footwear. We have the greatest respect for cedar's unique characteristics. That's why Woodlore products contain a minimum of 75% red-colored heartwood, where cedar's aromatic oils reside. And that's why we retain our cedar products in their native form, free from varnish or lacquer sealers that would impede the release of natural aroma.

The goal at Woodlore is to build a reputation for quality that is as strong as the wood used in Woodlore products. Woodlore klin dries lumber to a precise moisture content, carefully controlling humidity levels throughout the manufacturing process to prevent cracking and warping. Fine sanding gives every surface a silken finish. Only the heaviest gauge brass-plate hardware is used to ensure extra durability. Such uncompromising standards bring out the lasting beauty of Woodlore´s natural cedar products.

Woodlore also understands the importance of preserving the environment for future generations. Therefore, Woodlore practices selective cutting, which allows aromatic cedar to grow faster than it is harvested. Woodlore follows manufacturing techniques designed to waste as little as possible. Also, all Woodlore packaging is both recycled and recyclable.

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