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Wilson is dedicated to the athlete. It's this virtue that's driven them for nearly a century, propelling them to create some of the finest Wilson tennis shoes on the courts today. Since 1914, no other company has been as influential in shaping the games of football, baseball, tennis, and golf through their respected collection, whether it be Wilson tennis shoes or Wilson sports equipment. To generations of athletes, they're the true American icon in the world of sports, with their ever-growing collection of Wilson sporting goods, Wilson shoes, and Wilson clothing.

A trusted brand in the sports industry, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. has been tirelessly creating the world's best equipment and standing behind it. Multiple organizations stand with them, too. As the official game ball of the NFL, NBA, and MLB, Wilson has a long tradition of being associated with the best and brightest in the industry. From the likes of Michael Jordan to Pete Sampras, they've been the brand that athletes trust when it comes to Wilson sporting goods, Wilson shoes, Wilson clothing, and Wilson accessories.

As the originators of countless ground-breaking technologies, Wilson has produced legendary products across the entire sports landscape. From the very first valve-inflated football in 1925 to the [K]Factor Racquet that helped bring Serena Williams and Roger Federer to victory at the Australian Open in 2006, Wilson has created technology that advances the industry and the athlete alike.

Each and every day, Wilson earns the respect of players, coaches, and athletic programs worldwide by not just meeting their needs and expectations, but by exceeding them with their dependable collection of Wilson sneakers and Wilson sporting goods. Whether it's continuing to make footballs by hand to ensure tight proper stitching every time, or by innovating new products like moisture wicking basketballs for the best possible grip, or personally molding baseball gloves to player's hands, Wilson’s reputation is built on a century of respect. Few brands have earned this respect. Few brands ever will.

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Kaos 3.0 Sft

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Kaos 3.0

$77.99MSRP: $119.00