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It's fitting that V i X is named for the stunning beach city of Vitoria, Brazil, where founder Paula Hermanny was brought up and dreamed her first dreams of the style she wanted to bring to women's swimwear. As a little girl, Paula would gaze up at the jets flying through the clear blue Brazilian sky and imagine a woman with classic, yet modern tastes -- a woman who traveled around the world from Vitoria's small, exotic, airport and turned heads wherever she went, from Monte Carlo to Bali.

Each year, Paula designs collections that honor the V i X woman. While that vision evolves, year by year, soaking in the hottest new innovations in swimwear, the V i X style remains true to its roots of timeless elegance. V i X's trademark gold and leather accessories complement Paula's fashion-forward interpretation of the season's latest trends, which she studies on trips to Europe, Brazil and the world's most sophisticated beach resorts.

For each collection, Paula melds simple, stylish lines with the latest materials and prints to create a selection unlike any other in the world of swimwear. She complements her unique swimwear with a variety of delightful dresses, accessories, and intricately textured wraps. And, each year, Paula designs the V i X collection with mixing-and-matching in mind, so that each customer can collect a treasure chest of the year’s most celebrated designs that will remain jewels long into the future. The V i X woman can rest assured that she will never grow old in the eyes of fashion, as her style rides the waves of Paula Hermanny's imagination and creativity.

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