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Vidorreta, situated in Cervera del Rio Alhama in the heart of Spain, is dedicated to the design and production of women's espadrilles. The history of the espadrille dates back to 1936 when Spain was embroiled in a civil war. Nearly thirty years later, the espadrille was transformed into a symbol of fashion.

The Vidorreta family designs and manufactures their shoes along the banks of the Alhama River, where local women in surrounding villages stitch them together by hand. The incorporation of fashionable technology and the use of exclusive fabrics imported from different parts of the world keep Vidorreta shoes and sandals innovative.

Vidoretta stands by their commitment to quality and style. The use of 100% natural and ecological products such as jute rope allows Vidorreta shoes to adapt to the feet and fit like a glove. Simplistic and beautiful, the espadrille has become a must-have item for every woman's wardrobe!