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Vestal Watches created in 1997, out of Newport Beach, California. The Vestal goal was to develop timepieces that offered both a vintage vibe and a futuristic feel with music being the inspiration for the overall aesthetics. Vestal Watches are products of lifestyle accessories that complement the energy and personal sensibilities to the music inspired individual.

Throughout the entire Vestal line, you will see watches with style that has been influenced by the “Do-It-Yourself” attitude of the Punk Era. Vestal has taken accidental treatments and made them into intentional styles. The watch names and artwork pay respect to important people, places, and events. Additionally, Vestal is fortunate to have the support of some of the most talented bands and athletes in the world.

Vestal's progressive philosophy in watch and accessory design eliminates the conceptual lines separating music, fashion and youth culture, opening the door for previously unexplored creative crosspollination amongst multiple genres. A true Vestal customer understands that Vestal watches are not only dependable and fashion-forward timepieces, but are also extensions of a rock-inspired lifestyle.

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