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The totes® brand is synonymous with rain protection and the most recognized brand of umbrellas. totes began in 1924 and became the totes brand in 1942 when the very first rubber rain boots were manufactured. These rubber rain boots were called “totes” to emphasize how portable and easy they were to carry. In 1970 totes introduced the first easy-to-fold collapsible umbrella in the United States and it quickly became a hit and is still a style of umbrella that most people prefer today because of the ease of use and storage capability.
In addition to folding umbrellas, totes introduced rain scarves, rainwear, hats, and bags – becoming a true accessories organization.
totes products emphasize fashion, function, and quality. Little black umbrellas are a staple in the totes line however, they are much more. Bright, vibrant colors shine. Dots, florals, and conversational print umbrellas are part of their everyday products, making their accessories fun to wear in the rain.
totes…. we’ve got you covered.

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