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Every pair of handcrafted Tony Lama boots celebrates the true buckaroo spirit of the American West. And it´s not easy to stitch that much attitude into a boot. The process takes more than 100 steps. Throw in today´s sophisticated comfort and durability technologies, and you´ve got the best of both worlds -- classic craftsmanship and advanced performance. No wonder Tony Lama is the most recognized Western boot brand in the world.

Of course, there wouldn´t be a Tony Lama if it weren´t for Tony Lama Sr.

Born to Italian immigrant parents in 1887, Tony Lama learned his first lessons in the boot industry at the early age of 11. An uncle apprenticed the boy to a shoemaker in Syracuse, New York where he learned the leather and boot trade. Realizing the importance of a good boot fit from his stint in the US Cavalry after the turn of the century, Tony Lama set out to make the best fitting, most comfortable boot possible. Tony Lama Boots was founded in 1911.

In the 1930s, Western wear stores began asking for his boots. To meet the growing demands, Tony Lama developed methods to produce greater quantities without sacrificing the key steps in hand crafting. In 1961, nearly 50 years after the first store opened, Tony Lama moved into larger quarters and began making 750 pairs of boots a day.

Tony Lama passed away in 1974, but his sons and daughters continued his tradition of quality and hand craftsmanship, making this a true American success story. The legacy created by the humble cobbler, a hard working entrepreneur with a fierce pride in his craft, lives on. The same commitment to quality is reflected in the corporation that bears Tony Lama´s name today. All leather construction, a handcrafted fit, that´s the legacy of Tony Lama kept alive by a select group of bootmakers who have earned the right to be called craftsman.

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