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Timbuk2 was founded in 1989 by a bike messenger who taught himself to sew. In his San Francisco garage, Rob Honeycutt pioneered custom manufacturing and in doing so, created Timbuk2's icon, the Classic Messenger Bag. Timbuk2 is an industry leader in sustainable urban manufacturing, continuing its legacy of manufacturing in the Mission District of San Francisco, since day one. Through the years, Timbuk2 has grown to include innovative laptop backpacks and briefcases, totes, luggage and accessories, all backed by a lifetime warranty, and all designed to help you outsmart the challenges of your urban life.

As one of the leading brands in urban lifestyle bags, Timbuk2 shines on. Tried and true fabric defines their largest collection of styles. In addition, you won’t find any environmentally harmful polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in their bags. Timbuk2 takes pride in their PVC-free liners, which are just as durable and waterproof as vinyl but more supple. Best of all, these liners are better for the environment, which makes everybody happy.

Great, innovative design is part of the driving force behind Timbuk2. Developing and designing durable, multifunctional bags for today’s brave commuters is what they do best. From their authentic working class roots in the bicycle messenger subculture, to their remarkable transformation into a hip, urban fashion accessory, Timbuk2 is a brand with authenticity, heritage and a loyal following.

In 2014, Timbuk2 committed to putting zero bags in landfills. This promise is supported with a program to repair, donate or upcycle used bags. It's for all this, and more that Timbuk2 has a loyal following, worldwide.

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$69.70MSRP: $129.00


Lug Tote

$90.00MSRP: $149.00