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About Timberland Boot Company

Timberland Boot Company Timberland Boot Company™ is inspired by the Industrial Revolution and a respect for craftsmanship and ingenuity.

The advent of industrialization affected socioeconomic and cultural conditions as never before. Artisan-based, mercantile economies where goods were made by craftsmen with their hands and tools had shifted to industrial technology and manufacturing. Men and women moved to urban cities where work was hard and resources scarce, and footwear reflected the utility and ingenuity of the era.

Timberland Boot Company draws inspiration from this time in its men's and women's boots and shoes. When need influenced style and footwear was affected by the elements, repaired, and even adapted for new uses. Objects that transformed over time became storytellers -- symbolizing quality, durability, timelessness and craftsmanship -- attributes that characterize Timberland Boot Company today.