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The Book Club

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The Book Club Eyewear: Inspired by the worst to create the best.

Design: In tribute to all those artists, musicians, literary-minions and creators who didn't quite get it right but gave us oh-so much more...For the failures and fakers in all of us, who live life in full color with no holds barred.

Screen: From our late night comments to those drunk girl 'grams, here's to learning from our mistakes and making many more...See your online life with blinding clarity, our screen lenses will protect your eyes, but not your rep.

Recycle: Feel better about all those coffee cups you dumped in the trash because you couldn't find the recycling bin. Or for those expensive wedge sneakers you wore once before the trend died...Baby, my plastic can be recycled! Not that you would want to part ways anyway.

Simply put, we design for people who need help reading bits and pieces, for moments here and there. With well-curated ranges, you won't find these designs anywhere else. After all, It's called a club for a reason.

The Book Club: Selected For You

The Book Club

Bothering Sights 192317500

$45.00MSRP: $50.00