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Tasha Polizzi

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Almost 25 years ago, Tasha and Jack Polizzi opened the TP Saddleblanket Store on Main Street in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. It was here that Tasha first showcased her designs; fun jean jackets, western shirts with pearl snaps, Native American inspired blanket coats, plaid jackets and vintage cowboy boots; comfortable clothes, we all continue to cherish. These familiar fashions have evolved each season to become the iconic, collectible designs that continue to anchor Tasha's collections. Tasha celebrates Mexican American Folk Art with stunning hand-painted pieces and remains true to her enduring love and respect for Native American and American Folk Art designs with rich blanket patterns, vintage plaids and exquisite embroideries.

Tasha Polizzi: Selected For You

Tasha Polizzi

Katie Shirt

$52.99MSRP: $117.00

Tasha Polizzi

Elizabeth Tank Top

$54.99MSRP: $156.00

Tasha Polizzi

Chama River Shirt

$47.40MSRP: $158.00

Tasha Polizzi

Sabine Poncho

$49.99MSRP: $138.50

Tasha Polizzi

Insta Plaid Maxi

$64.99MSRP: $144.00

Tasha Polizzi

Kokomo Tank Top

$37.80MSRP: $126.00

Tasha Polizzi

Brando Biker Jacket

$280.99MSRP: $625.50

Tasha Polizzi

Cowgirl Shirtdress

$52.99MSRP: $116.00

Tasha Polizzi

Daisy Tunic

$125.99MSRP: $316.00

Tasha Polizzi

Bristol Shirt

$110.99MSRP: $276.00

Tasha Polizzi

Buckingham Dress

$94.80MSRP: $316.00

Tasha Polizzi

Georgia Shirt

$74.99MSRP: $164.00

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