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Sunski is a proudly independent sunglasses company based in San Francisco, California. They turn recycled plastic into stylish, functional, quality sunglasses that give you the best outside experience for a fair price. Proudly representing the 1% For The Planet organization, Sunski has pledged 1% of net sales to the Save the Waves and Adventure Scientists: resulting in over $100,000 for causes with a focus on environmental protection and community engagement. Sunski has also partnered with Climate Neutral, an independent certification that requires members to measure, reduce and offset their carbon emissions. Their commitment to design, innovation, grassroots community, and sustainability helps them stand out in the crowd. Their culture is rooted in a passion for product design without shortcuts and a love for the outdoors. They believe in the simple joy of going outside — however you choose to experience that — and great sunglasses that make those moments even better.

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