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Built for childhood!

Stride Rite® takes its inspiration from a child's out-of-this-world imagination and the challenges of parenting. With an eye for innovative, expert-approved designs and on-trend styles, Stride Rite crafts each colorful sneaker and kid-friendly sandal with the understanding that every parents' greatest desire is to provide their kids with the best.

100 years and counting… Time to celebrate!

From humble beginnings in a converted stable in Boston, MA. 1919, to becoming acknowledged internationally for pioneering innovative styles, Stride Rite has never compromised their goal of providing millions of little ones with the support and stability they need for every developmental stage.

Stride Rite may have grown older and larger, but they're still built for childhood and haven't grown up.

Life's waiting. Let's go!
Stride Rite® has partnered with Zappos Adaptive to take part in the Single and Different Size Shoe Test. This test program allows the customer to purchase a single shoe or two of the same shoe in different sizes or widths. Now parents whose who need to fit their shoes around an orthotic or an AFO device, have two different size feet, or those that only need one shoe will no longer have to pay a premium for their footwear.