About Spyder Kids

Spyder Kids In 1978, Spyder's™ founder, David Jacobs, realized that there was only one brand of race sweaters available. Jacobs vowed to create better quality skiwear for racing, by racers, thus creating the Spyder™ brand. Spyder™ has come a long way since that day, and today is the largest ski-specialty brand in the world.

For nearly 30 years, Spyder™ has been outfitting elite skiers, including the U.S. Ski Team. From jackets to shirts, hats, gloves, and ski pants, Spyder's™ Kids™ line maintains the same quality and function as the adult line. Spyder's™ Childrens™ line integrates fashion-conscious design with ski-specific function.

Spyder's™ waterproof and insulated products will protect your boy or girl from winter's cold and wet conditions. SpyderKids™ Apparel also utilizes breathable fabrics for a more comfortable fit. Children with the mountain-based lifestyle can integrate the Spyder™ fashion into their everyday use. is very proud to provide you with SpyderKids™ Apparel. Even if your child is not a skier, they will want and love Spyder™.