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You can change your future. Cut the perfect silhouette with adidas SLVR.

For Autumn/Winter 2012-13, adidas SLVR finds inspiration from Fritz Lang's classic silent film, "Metropolis" to create tailored, sport-inspired pieces that have architectural, yet comfortable shapes and sleek lines. The result is a bold new look for adidas SLVR, now under the creative direction of German designer Dirk Schonberger.

Step out of the shadows and take a stab at your destiny with a design that is a cut above. adidas SLVR men's clothing and footwear designs are smart, sleek and effortlessly elegant, carving out a niche for innovative pieces that match the pace of 21st century lives.

adidas SLVR men's collection resides at the intersection of comfort, technology and luxury and navigates men from outdoors to evening with elegant ease. Exciting expression is found in intriguing new ways with adidas SLVR jackets, stunning suits, elegant dress shirts, trousers, sweaters and tops that feature distinguished designs and unique detailing techniques.

Find fantastic footing into the future with the fascinating features of adidas SLVR men's footwear. SLVR footwear stays gloriously grounded on the cutting edge of excitement with low-top and high-top sneakers and boots that feature unique design details that recall elements of adidas SLVR apparel.

Designed for life on the move, adidas SLVR continues its stride forward.

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