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Once upon a time, on a whimsical and powerful island, two free-spirited and lively ladies created a wild invention essential to the daily life of girls. This island was called Manhattan, and the girls answered to the names of Cammy and Cologne. And so the mumu was born. The girl’s worked their little buns off- shipping Mumu’s out of their oven and turning their pint-sized downtown NYC apartment into a Mumu workshop. After several production cycles, and selling Mumu’s galore on this very website, the girls decided to quit their day jobs, and take their mumus and RUN. All the way to Venice Beach. They expanded the line into pants, tanks, shorts, and dresses- never forgetting the fun loving spirit of the Mumu concept. They now make all of their Mu in Downtown Los Angeles.

It could be worn by all—big and small, short and tall. You can wear a nice silk dress for Sunday Brunch. Travel the world in an exotic top. Enjoy girls’ night out in a beautiful tunic. Your Mumu is great for anything I suppose. Your mumu will come in all fabrications, whether a cool jersey dress, a poly tee—or silk chiffon blouse Fun prints, from reindeer enjoying a tropical Christmas to fireworks cascading across a Fourth of July evening sky, make your mumu an essential piece for holiday style. Thus, they set out in search of the perfect fit—the ideal body—which only, ultimately, they could find by creating it themselves. The spelling mistake was intentional—they were, after all, reinventing the mu’u mu’u and therefore dubbed it “The Mumu” instead.

Mumu girls are carefree adventurers who dream and live spontaneously. We travel the world, fall effortlessly in love and have late nights but early mornings. We sometimes wear our same Mu for 48 hours -- to work, dancing at night, over a bikini, to weekend brunch and then to bed. Love your Mu because Mu loves you! It’s a whole Mu world out there!!!”

Show Me Your Mumu: Selected For You

Show Me Your Mumu

Judy Jumpsuit

$86.00MSRP: $172.00

Show Me Your Mumu

Canal Tunic Dress

$64.80MSRP: $144.00

Show Me Your Mumu

Iva Wrap Skirt

$106.20MSRP: $118.00

Show Me Your Mumu

Love Spell Top

$105.47MSRP: $128.00

Show Me Your Mumu

Leighanne Sweater

$57.99MSRP: $164.00

Show Me Your Mumu

Cam Cam Zip-Up Bells in Striped Indigo

$54.99MSRP: $154.00

Show Me Your Mumu

Maddison Dress

$94.80MSRP: $158.00

Show Me Your Mumu

Rebel Romper

$53.00MSRP: $144.00

Show Me Your Mumu

Evelyn Mini Wrap Dress

$60.99MSRP: $154.00

Show Me Your Mumu

Samba Maxi Dress

$118.80MSRP: $198.00

Show Me Your Mumu

Leslie Mini Wrap Dress

$33.60MSRP: $168.00

Show Me Your Mumu

Yvonne Jumpsuit

$45.00MSRP: $184.00