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In 1961, a three-speed bicycle hub displayed at the New York Toy Show became the catalyst for what would eventually become Shimano American Corporation. The popularity of 20-inch wheeled bikes with hi-rise handle bars fueled a demand for multi-speed hubs and Shimano® began producing an affordable and reliable version that caught the attention of the cycling world. By 1965, Yoshizo Shimano, the youngest son of the company founder in Japan, opened an office in New York to get product feedback and to provide technical and warranty assistance to retailers selling bikes equipped with Shimano® parts.

Though Shimano America has grown from its modest office staffed by only three people to a full distribution center with sales and marketing offices, the goals are the same: to ensure that Shimano® always has a listening ear to provide feedback on relevant trends and needs and make it a reality for their customers.

Shimano® invented SPD recessed cleat and pedal technology, which revolutionized the industry. The unique systems-engineered shoe/pedal combinations - only from Shimano® - enhanced power-transfer even more. A few years later the efficiencies were applied to the road systems with the development of SPD-SL technology. Less wasted movement, even distribution of power across the pedal and increased comfort. Simply more power from you to the bike.

Shimano's participation extends much further than its products. Through advocacy programs, ISO 14001 certification and even commuter/car pool programs for their employees, Shimano® is committed to minimizing their impact on the environment.