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Robin Piccone

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Robin Piccone®

"The art to cutting a perfect silhouette: it's not always about what the suit covers but how it frames what remains bare."

Robin Piccone revolutionized the swimwear industry with her innovative use of neoprene in 1986. A CFDA designer, Piccone has two neoprene swimsuits in the permanent collection at The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Piccone launched her signature label in 1992. At the design studio in Los Angeles, the brand is dedicated to the art of designing luxury swim and resort wear with exceptional fabrics and innovative detail. Piccone's unmatchable fit promises a flattering cut that accentuates a body’s unique lines and curves. Bikinis, maillots, tankinis, dresses, and rompers are all designed to flatter the feminine figure.

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