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Devoted to the pursuit of individual style, Religion was formed in the early 90’s. Lyrical quotes, musical muses, and British Heritage have always been heavy influences behind each collection allowing it to grow into a full commercial collection, which has propelled the brand into the forefront of the fashion media spotlight.

A “no fear” policy of experimenting with design techniques, washes, and trends along with the brand’s inspiration from London’s East End and other authentic urban landscapes, has given Religion a large international following of loyal brand fans, musicians, celebrities, and industry influencers.

A talented team based in the heart of Shoreditch, East London, designs each piece ensuring attention to detail, quality, and fit at every stage. All prints are exclusively designed through various techniques and photography while still being heavily influenced by the brand’s DNA.

Religion is devoted to the pursuit of individual style, empowering aficionados in their desire to express their own creativity through the clothes they choose to wear, day and night. To wear Religion is to be addicted to the design detail, character, and flair.