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Quiksilver Logo
The Quiksilver® story is about the relationship between riders and our products, and every Quiksilver experience should feel like walking into a surf shop and smelling the scent of wax and new boards. The Quiksilver brand's mission isn't about offering the latest gadget or trendy clothing; it's about providing their customers with the right tools to conquer whatever challenge they've chosen.

Quiksilver found its roots in the music, art and lifestyle of the beach and surfing community. Athletes like skateboard legend Tony Hawk, and 9-time World Champion surfer, Kelly Slater, are authentic heroes whose accomplishments and input inspire Quiksilver's commitment to creating the best in footwear, watches, eyewear, apparel, wetsuits, and high-performance backpacks, gear bags and luggage bags. These athletes and Quiksilver continue to push the limits to be the finest in their field.

Quiksliver's men’s and women's clothing lines reminds us of those sun-drenched summer days on the beach, watching the surf come in while hanging out with our favorite friends. The lightweight design of Quiksilver's women's dresses, knits, woven tops and denim offers a casual, but still feminine look. And while Quiksilver men's shirts, boardshorts and sandals have a laid-back, comfortable design, Quiksilver also knows it represents a competitive lifestyle and creates clothing and footwear that can take on the hardcore surfer's pursuits.

Quiksilver bags embody the board riding culture that is core to the Quiksilver brand, and their backpacks, duffels, luggage and messenger bags are seen as tools for uncovering, expressing and expanding your personal style. Quiksilver's logo embodies the spirit of the Mountain and the Wave and is all about a lifestyle, a feeling and a journey.