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After freezing for years in regular stockings and leggings, and tired of uncomfortable, itchy wool tights, designer Jennifer Kim realized women needed a fresh approach to staying warm and stylish in the cold. Living in NYC, Jennifer was no stranger to harsh winters, in which staying warm and stylish was not always an option. Wearing a skirt to work was out of the question and denim jeans did not hold any warmth.

After traveling the world looking for the perfect combination of warmth, comfort and style, Jennifer created Plush®, a line offering an array of fleece-lined items from hats and accessories to sublimely soft tights and leggings. Jennifer's goal was to create warm, comfortable and stylish products so that women can continue to dress how they'd like, even in the coldest of weather. Plush accessories are sure to be a staple in every fashionista's wardrobe.