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Don't follow a recipe! Serve up gourmet gorgeousness with the science of stunning style. The proof is in the pudding once you lay eyes on the delicious results of a Pedro Garcia footwear confection! Each enticing pair of Pedro Garcia shoes is the result of a passionate process of experimentation, which oftentimes results in a powerful melange explosive! The Pedro Garcia footwear line always takes sweet style one step further by being known for traditional craftsmanship juxtaposed with avant-garde fashion. Experimental luxury has become the Pedro Garcia design philosophy. Pedro Garcia uses contrasting materials and opposing concepts to create new hybrid silhouettes and desirable designs that are alluringly appetizing!

Pedro Garcia shoes are delectably desirable and always rapturously rewarding. The collection's exciting entrees include elegant evening sandals and pumps, comfortable flats and covetable boots. With unsurpassed high standards of quality and new and exciting styles each season, Pedro Garcia continues to serve up a memorable main course of desirable dreams!

Pedro Garcia is a family company in the shoemaking business. Pedro Garcia Amat began the saga; his eldest son, Pedro Garcia Vidal, would later create a brand with the family name, and now his children Mila and Pedro, the third generation, have given the firm its own identity and an international scope. Today, Pedro Garcia is sold in 36 countries at premier retail establishments and the brand has a solid presence worldwide.

Pedro Garcia's "Made in Spain" is synonymous with "made with quality by our people" which that implies a strong sense of social responsibility. 100 percent of production is manufactured in Elda, a shoemaking city with highly skilled artisans who have reached manufacturing excellence and truly love their work. Pedro Garcia has always aimed to have the business make a positive impact on the local environment.

Why go hungry for happiness, when you can feast on fashionably fantastic footwear by Pedro Garcia?

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