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Pablosky has been manufacturing children´s shoes for over 30 years in the Spanish town of Toledo. They have become experts in children´s fashion as well as knowing what a child needs. Using their 4 point system, which breaks up the shoe into four critical zones, each shoe is made to insure that children receive the support they need, while looking stylish, but most importantly, catering to comfort.

Pablosky knows the choice of a good shoe is very important and must go beyond aesthetics. That´s why children´s footwear must adapt to the physical and motor development of the child, permitting them to carry out all of their daily activities. Because each element of the children´s shoes is important, Pablosky uses the best leather for both the exterior as well as the interior.

Today, Pablosky has become a leader in the children´s footwear market worldwide with an annual production of over 2.3 million pairs of shoes. Their shoes adapt to the tastes and needs of each customer.

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