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Onitsuka Tiger

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The history of Onitsuka Tiger™ shoes began with the establishment of Onitsuka Co. Ltd. in 1949. Based on the philosophy of bringing up sound youth through sports, the company has maintained the tradition of specializing in the manufacturing of sports shoes and clothing using original ideas and applying epoch-making techniques.

As the Japanese people recovered from the second world war and began to appreciate the benefits of sports, Onitsuka Tiger™ shoes were on their feet. The first basketball shoes in Japan had a tiger face design on the arch of the foot and this became Onitsuka's trademark. In the 1960's, Onitsuka Tiger™ shoes were worn not only by the Japanese, but also by top foreign athletes.

In 2001, ASICS America Corporation quietly resurrected the Onitsuka Tiger™ brand with original models of Onitsuka shoes and Onitsuka clothing updated in today's flavorful colors. Over the past few years, the Onitsuka Tiger™ brand has been enjoying a growing number of new, dedicated shoe followers along with a steady desire for Onitsuka clothing and Onitsuka bags, realized today on Through sometimes secretive grassroots marketing efforts, ASICS® has been able to spread this word about this authentic comeback for Onitsuka Tiger™.

Now that the secret is out... Onitsuka Tiger™ is a growing and highly sought after brand with its ever-growing lineup of Onitsuka Tiger™ shoes, Onitsuka Tiger™ clothing and Onitsuka Tiger™ bags. There are more Onitsuka Tiger™ mens´s and Onitsuka Tiger™ women´s models just sitting in the ASICS® vault waiting to be re-released. The future is what this retro brand has to look forward to. Because ASICS® knows that there are people out there who don't need to run fast...they just want to look good.

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Onitsuka Tiger


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