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Consider this-each year the stress and impact from improperly designed women's shoes lead to pain and deformity creating what has become an epidemic of poor foot health. As a result, women will spend an outrageous amount of hard earned money seeking medical assistance for such foot issues... and all in the name of fashion.

Being fashionable need not mean tolerating self-inflicted torture and suffering from long-term damage to the feet. Oh! Shoes® has developed a radical new technology that breaks traditional barriers leading to a line of stylish shoes that actually stop the pain while remaining in the grips of high fashion.

Oh! Technology includes a revolutionary patented shock absorbing heel and multiple contoured footbeds that significantly reduce the impact of each step taken delivering all-day comfort. This unique footbed improves foot support that lowers undesirable stress to joints and fragile tissue while lessening the risks of developing bunions, corns, calluses, hammertoe, damaged toenails and the pain of osteoarthritis.

The Oh! Shoes Collection is a beautifully crafted and ingeniously engineered line of comfort pumps, boots and wedges that looks elegant and fits ever so comfortably on the feet. A highly committed team of technology-driven inventors, concerned and caring physicians, daring and image-driven Italian designers, and a dedicated staff of shoe professionals has thrusted Oh! Shoes into the forefront of style and comfort for women.

Oh! Shoes....Sexy , Healthy Heels!