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Oboz Logo
The Oboz crew is made up of a couple of old school tele skiers, a kayaker who can claim first descent down the Ocoee, a former NOLS instructor that's familiar with going weeks without bathing, and an obsessed climber turned avid biker. This odd bunch managed to connect throughout the decades of being in the outdoor industry and decided to join up in 2007 to start Oboz.

Combine the words "outside" and "Bozeman" and you´ve got "Oboz". Moreover, you've got something that speaks volumes about the company and their priorities. Outside is where their heads are, dreaming of the next peak to climb or river to float. And Bozeman, Montana is where they live, play, and of course, work on making Oboz the best shoes out there. Bozeman is one of the great places to enjoy and be inspired by the outdoors. Oboz is not just two words combined, but a way of thinking, living and doing that defines the company, the shoes and the people who wear them.

The phrase "True to the Trail" is the motto at Oboz. Oboz shoes are designed to be used on the trail to help people get into the wilderness - shoes for trail running, hiking, backpacking, approaching crags, scrambling and general exploration of wild places. The folks at Oboz are passionate about these activities. When they aren't talking about shoes at the office, they’re probably discussing the snow conditions up at Bridger Bowl or their latest adventure on their bikes. Looking to protect their favorite getaways, Oboz tries to minimize their carbon footprint and support organizations and causes that improve the state of the environment.