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What originally started in 1989 as a sticker created by Shepard Fairey, a college art student with a punk rock attitude and a vision, has become a diverse range of art and clothing. Always wanting to reach a larger audience, OBEY Clothing was developed in 2001. T-shirts, shorts, and other clothing became a canvas for the artist. Known for his constructivist style and menacing imagery which can be found on many of his crew necks and tank tops. Shepard was able to reach a larger audience through apparel.

Built off of heritage fundamentals from military designs which can be found throughout many jackets and pants. His unique graphic prints can be seen at many skateboarding, music and cultural movements. Whether you’re wearing jogger pants or a stylish button-up, you get an experience and appreciation for those that came before and those that stand out with originality today. OBEY celebrates the disenfranchised and the brave, the people that think and express themselves uniquely and aren’t afraid to do something different. It’s about experience and observation. The medium is the message.