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Newton Running

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The inspiration behind Newton® running shoes, as well the brand’s name, was Sir Isaac Newton and his third law of motion, which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

A leader in natural running, Newton believes that maintaining natural running form without being barefoot requires a shoe that allows the foot to connect with the ground as though it is shoeless. Any geometric change interferes with the natural gait, which is why every shoe is built on a level platform that mimics the foot’s natural geometry. Unhindered, flexible movement is essential, as long as the shoe is still protective enough to prevent injury over harsh terrain.

Newton encourages landing on the mid-foot to forefoot. When you walk, you heel strike. Sprinting propels you forward, causing you to land on your toes. The brand believes that optimal running gait falls somewhere in between. To help maintain this, Newton has taken great care to research and design their shoes. You will find technologies like Active Membrane Technology™, Action/Reaction Technology™ and the Biomechanical Sensor Plate throughout the line.

So who are Newton running shoes for? They are for runners who are already mid-foot or forefoot strikers, as well as those who are working on transitioning from heel striking to a more natural running form.

Slip into a Newton running shoe and experience the science of motion.