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New Balance® is a global leader in athletic footwear and apparel. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts since 1906, New Balance continues to be driven by the relentless desire to improve. All in service to athletes –from professionals to amateurs –to help improve their personal best. New Balance believes that a better fit means better performance, which is why they are committed to offering a wide range of sizes and widths –from running to training to lifestyle. Designed with forward-thinking technology that your movement demands and a modern look you want, you'll find a New Balance product that helps you be better tomorrow. Because New Balance is always evolving. Always pushing. Always improving. Always in Beta.

Staying true to their commitment to be an ever-evolving performance brand, New Balance has partnered with Zappos Adaptive to take part in the Single and Different Size Shoe Test. This test program allows the customer to purchase a single shoe or two of the same shoe in different sizes or widths. Now, people who need to fit their shoes around an orthotic or an AFO device, have two different size feet, or those that only need one shoe will no longer have to pay a premium for their footwear.