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Neil Barrett

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Neil Barrett's passion for fashion began at an early age: born in Devon, South West England, both his grandfather and great-grandfather were master tailors, a talent that runs in the blood for this designer obsessed with the cut and finish of his immaculately-made apparel.

Working for fashion powerhouses Gucci and Prada, Neil established a blueprint of minimal menswear that combines luxurious fabrics and unparalleled Italian craftsmanship with high-tech sportswear and a forward-thinking approach to the modern masculine wardrobe. This is an approach that also formed the foundation of the Neil Barrett label, which began in 1999.

The hallmarks of the Neil Barrett womenswear label are a modern interpretation of the timeless staples of cut and fabric, alongside striking, streamlined styling for the twenty-first century. His collections offer bespoke-quality finish, handcrafted and luxurious textiles, alongside Neil Barrett's trademark aesthetic of purity and chic minimalism.

Neil Barrett: Selected For You

Neil Barrett

Asymmetric Sweatshirt

$59.99MSRP: $375.00

Neil Barrett

Crepe de Chine/Lace Dress

$134.49MSRP: $840.00

Neil Barrett

Spiral Tech Knit Dress

$91.99MSRP: $575.00

Neil Barrett

City Lights Swimsuit

$114.75MSRP: $255.00

Neil Barrett

Workwear Men's Fit Shirt

$68.00MSRP: $340.00

Neil Barrett

Retro Twill Coat

$528.75MSRP: $1,175.00

Neil Barrett

Bolt 02 Classic Sneaker

$252.00MSRP: $560.00

Neil Barrett

Tech Cotton Helmet Bag

$303.75MSRP: $675.00

Neil Barrett

Minimal Cowboy Jersey + Eco Leather

$40.49MSRP: $250.00

Neil Barrett

Sleeveless Pleated Long Dress

$189.00MSRP: $945.00

Neil Barrett

Belted Tunic Dress

$173.00MSRP: $865.00

Neil Barrett

Fall-Away Gathered Dress

$123.00MSRP: $615.00