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"I have always believed there are no boundaries," says Josie Natori, founder and CEO of the Natori Company. What began with creating lingerie on her living room floor has evolved into a lifestyle. In 1977, no longer challenged by her position as the first female Vice President of investment banking at Merrill Lynch, Josie was eager to start something new. On a whim she brought an embroidered tunic from her native country of the Philippines to a buyer who encouraged her to turn it into a sleep shirt. Josie took the advice and she was in business! "At the time, lingerie was either lewd or frumpy," said Josie, who worked to fill the niche in between. 35 years later the company has grown into a lifestyle brand.

It seemed like serendipity when the very place she grew up, the place that instilled her with the motivation to become an entrepreneur, was also the inspiration for what turned into a successful lingerie collection. Using the Filipino and Asian aesthetic, Josie was able build a distinct brand, melding the visual appeals of both the East and the West. "I believe art is a gift to enrich one's life, a luxury to experience and enjoy every day. At Natori, we bring art into everything we do; each piece is designed and crafted to be a personal treasure." - Josie Natori