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Mel is the cool, playful little sister of the Melissa shoes brand. She possesses an adolescent appeal to nostalgia, yet is mature enough to relate to all ages. Inspired by childhood sweets, colors, and toys; Mel shoes are fun, bright, and yummy. Mel's jelly collections of ladies heels, flats, and sandals are made for the girl who takes a lighthearted approach to fashion and considers articulating her unique style through accessorizing to be the most fun she'll ever have.

Taking on the same ethical stance as their sister brand, Mel believes in being vegan friendly and recyclable. Mel shoes also instills a subtle scent in each pair of its shoes, proving that fashion can also be both sweet and thoughtful.

Playing with lighthearted silhouettes and paying special attention to the hottest colors and latest trends, Mel's jelly collections are sure to bring a delicious guilty pleasure to every woman’s wardrobe!

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