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Maine Woods is about an active lifestyle, and it's about family—families who always see the glass as half full, and families who are passionate about each other and about life in general. The Maine Woods Family are doers; they are the movers and shakers of everyday life. They dive into all the world has to offer. They spend as much time as possible outside. They tailgate at their alma mater's games. They cross-country ski in winter. They swim in the lake during the summer. They jump in freshly raked leaves. They BBQ and play touch football on Sundays. The Maine Woods Family is a family that plays together.

But they're not just about family—they're about life. As a result, they are very active in the community. Dad coaches Little League; Mom's on the PTA. Their kids play soccer, basketball, and take martial art classes. They favor the debate team and the cheerleading squad. Active, curious, and playful, they make sure to give to the world around by volunteering at home, within the community, and in everyday life. They are environmentally aware. This is the new all-American family—multicultural, proud, spirited—one which never takes life for granted.

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