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Who doesn’t want their kid to stand out and get the full experience at school with fun and friends? MadPax® is a wild experiment in individuality. With these backpacks kids can be as adventurous and free-spirited as they want to be. “Why blend” is their motto. Each creation conceived enters the "fabratory" as a double dare of design and possibility.

With their roots in Phoenix, Arizona, the creators of MadPax, Mike Cordovana and Tina Huber, sought out to deliver one-of-a-kind backpacks where form meets function for kids of all ages. They wanted funky, fresh, and fun designs that would catch anyone’s attention.

As the manufacturing wizard, if you dream it, Mike does it. Once the creator behind custom homes, he is now proud to build a new brand of cutting edge backpacks for kids and big kids alike.

Tina, on the other hand, is the mad scientist, color cruncher, and backpack funker. As the sorceress of sales and marketing, she comes to MadPax with her eye on the prize and creative craze to take all collections past, present, and future of the pax to the max.

Mixing in the punk, passion, and purpose, MadPax dabs out the drab and adds the rad. Is it creature, myth, or merely magic? Meshed tight and right, the result is a backpack of cutting edge design for the ages, all ages.