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Colombia, a country full of charm, beauty and diversity was the perfect scenery for the evolution of a trend with both a strong retro emphasis and an eclectic romanticism. Strongly influenced by their family`s entrepreneurship and commitment to contribute to the social development of the country, sisters Manuela and Amalia Sierra started pursuing their dream of creating a brand that would enchant with its unique inventiveness.

They started creating garments designed for women who wanted to feel pretty and comfortable with a laid-back, trendy style and a fresh attitude. Today, Maaji is present in more than 45 countries and continues to expand globally, charming women all over the world with its creativity.

Maaji never stops surprising with its collections inspired in magically surreal stories that are the result of a long investigation and creative process. A fascinating team of designers, garment manufacturers and pattern developers blend together all their ideas to create these little art pieces. Innovation is the hub of this world full of fun, eclecticism and attitude where the Maaji team works to achieve a perfect fit and constantly improve the slightest details.

The Maaji signature has been built up by avant-garde combinations and prints, mix of materials and textures, inventive and cutting-edge silhouettes and the sweetness and ubiquitous presence of small details. All of their stunning pieces are reversible for never ending mix and matching. Many graphics related to the underwater concept— such as diving, aquatic animals, shells, snails, corals and bicycles are the different elements that make their collection unique. Subtle touches of neon, Lycra®-looking vinyl and tulle detail, giving off a provocative invitation to start an adventure.

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