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Limi Feu

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Limi Feu started her label in 2000, and was a constant staple at Tokyo Fashion Week with collections being shown from 2000-2007. Her Paris Fashion Week debut came in late 2007, much to the pleasure of fashion critics.

Limi Feu is the daughter of legendary designer Yohji Yamamoto, and while there are some distinct aesthetic similarities (dark colors, asymmetry), ultimately he's a bit more of a romantic, and she's a little bit more streetwise and rock 'n roll.

Limi Feu: Selected For You

Limi Feu

Dolman Coat

$400.99MSRP: $1,143.33

Limi Feu

Tuck Sarouel

$215.99MSRP: $719.95

Limi Feu

Long Rib Gabardine Open Front Cardigan

$223.00MSRP: $1,115.00

Limi Feu

Rhombus Short Sleeve Tie Front Dress

$592.50MSRP: $1,185.00