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Lilly Pulitzer Kids

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In the late 1950's, Lilly Pulitzer lived a life of enviable luxury in Palm Beach, Florida. Lilly Pulitzer's husband, Peter, owned several citrus groves and Lilly decided to open a juice stand that fresh squeezed the citrus from Peter's groves. Understandably, juicing ruined Lilly's clothes and she put her mind to designing clothes that concealed stains. She placed the task to her dressmaker and the end result was a sleeveless shift fabricated of vibrant printed cotton. The vivid colors of pink, green, yellow, and orange swirled on the dress that also flaunted a fine lining and lace seam bindings.

Customers flipped over the custom Lilly Pulitzer dress and after multiple requests for purchase, she put in an order to her dressmaker and sold the dress at her stand. The colorful dress soon outsold her juice and Lilly Pulitzer decided to abandon the juice stand to focus on the art of fashion. Soon, Jackie Kennedy, an old friend of Lilly's from school, started wearing Lilly Pulitzer dresses. A photo of Jackie in a Lilly Pulitzer classic shift was printed in Life Magazine. A sensation was born.

The Lilly Pulitzer brand epitomizes the preppy lifestyle of affluence and effortless fashion. Lilly Pulitzer conceives her clothing collections with happy times and ease of wear in mind. Lilly also saw an opportunity to take her wonderful style and vision a step further, by designing a girl's clothing line as well. Mothers and daughters can now share a passion for fun, stylish clothing like no other. There is no wonder why Lilly Pulitzer is America's top Resort and Lifestyle designer. The Lilly Pulitzer Shoe Collection includes fashionable shoes for weddings and parties, as well as classic driving moccasins and flip flops for around town. Like the classic shift dress, the shoes are colorful, comfortable, and well crafted. Whether heading to Hawaii on vacation or going to a friend's for the weekend, don't forget to pack your Lilly Pulitzer shoes!

The heart of Lilly Pulitzer Kids remains in the clothing. Signature Lilly Pulitzer prints grace pants, capris, shorts, polo shirts, sweaters, and of course, dresses. The Lilly Pulitzer clothing brand has also embraced solids in Lilly's palette of juicy colors. For the beach, pool, or exotic resort, Lilly Pulitzer swimwear will elevate your style quotient. Every body is divine in their "Lillys". The joy of purchasing Lilly Pulitzer kids is knowing that you have purchased a timeless article of Americana.

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