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KIM&ZOZI is a Los Angeles, California contemporary fashion collaboration between Kim and Zozi. Without a doubt, collectively the designers share the same creative passion and lust for life. It is through friendship and personal journey that their brand, KIM&ZOZI, was born. Coming from humble beginnings, the duo started out by making jewelry as gifts for families and close friends. Not long after it took on a life of its own, rapidly expanding to other product categories.

KIM&ZOZI products won the hearts and praise of prominent fashion editors, bloggers, and social media outlets. These "labors of love" have graced the inside pages of Glamour, Vogue, InStyle, Nylon, and several other publications. KIM&ZOZI is a global brand, calling home to thousands of retailers spanning across America and throughout the world.

KIM&ZOZI Footwear was created by reinventing the use of vintage materials to give that authentic look wildly popular for the originality in design, variety of trendy features, quality materials, and extreme comfort. The brand’s sneakers are made of flexible material, featuring a sole made of rubber, distressed leather, and washed canvas—offering a revolutionary yet fashionable look.

All of KIM&ZOZI’s products are made with love, inspired by the places that they have had the pleasure of seeing and the people whom they have encountered on their travels. From the beaches abroad to the vintage shops they frequent, KIM&ZOZI thrive on sharing their experiences with others and expressing them through its collections.

Inspiration is found everywhere.

Peace & Love, KIM&ZOZI

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