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In 1993 KAVU, Klear Above Visibility Unlimited, was launched with a single product and a strong philosophy - live life to its fullest every day. An entrepreneurial spirit and this philosophy have provided direction for the company since its inception.

Out on the rough, windy waters of the Bering Sea over 13 years ago, KAVU´s Strap Cap was developed. It was a hat that would protect one´s head, keep the sun off the face, and stay on in the most powerful winds. The original Strap Cap is a canvas cap secured by a band of 5000 pound strength webbing allowing for on-head adjustment. Now a signature KAVU piece, the Strap Cap stays on in almost any outdoor condition from Everest to the Zambezi river.

Today and everyday, KAVU creates men's and women's outdoor clothing using a variety of durable, rugged and comfortable fabrics in designs that take people through all the adventures of daily life. KAVU also has an extensive accessory line, including hats, bags, and sunglasses. The company staff and Team KAVU product testers enjoy the pursuit of the outdoors in their own backyard and around the world.

The enthusiasm in the quest for the perfect day still thrives at KAVU, or a KAVU day still drives the company to innovate and inspire outdoor fun through their line.