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Sail away to exotic and enchanted lands of luxury and taste the forbidden fruit of fashion by Jean Paul Gaultier. Let Jean Paul Gaultier women's swimwear lure you into an opulent odyssey of unique pieces that are reminiscent of the sea, passionate ports of call, sailors, cabarets, and the beckoning beauty of Paris. Self taught Jean Paul Gaultier is unafraid of experimentation. His science of style includes adventurous avant garde cuts with painstaking precision and dramatic designs that predict the future of fashion and draw you into his captivating carnival of couture. Become swallowed up in a tidal wave of thrilling styles that will leave you washed ashore transformed by a wonderful wardrobe of legendary luxury.

French-born Jean-Paul Gaultier is a world renowned fashion designer of women's and men's clothing , handbags, shoes, accessories, and beyond. Jean Paul Gaultier did not have any formal training, but designed and sketched as a young child. He has since become an icon and one of the most influential designers of his time. He was one of the first designers to use different types of models such as models with piercings or tattoos, older models, and larger models. Gaultier believes that there are many types of beauty and tries to show this in his designs and fashion shows.

Before creating his own line, Jean Paul Gaultier worked for designers Pierre Cardin and Jean Patou. Jean-Paul Gaultier's first individual collection was released in 1976, with his first line featuring his characteristic irreverent style. With the success of the Jean Paul Gaultier clothing line, Jean-Paul Gautier shoes, handbags and swimwear lines were later created. Jean Paul Gaultier's captivating couture is so coveted that he has also designed clothing for many celebrities and films.

Jean-Paul Gaultier handbags stormed the couture scene with its focus on extreme style. His unique handbags range in size, style and material without sacrificing functionality. Enchant your elegance with the haunting melody of a Jean Paul Gaultier handbag!

The Jean-Paul Gaultier footwear line is focused around glamour and each shoe is worked into a complete masterpiece. Each collection stays on the cutting edge of fashion by transforming shoes into works of art. Walk your way through life in the high style of Jean-Paul Gaultier!

Embark on exciting enchantment with Jean Paul Gaultier! No map needed. Each piece is a collectible treasure.

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