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Jantzen® is rooted in history and known as one of the first American fashion brands. Jantzen started in Portland, Oregon as the Portland Knitting Company with founders Carl Jantzen and Roy and John Zehntbauer. Eagerly they began producing wool suits for a rowing team, and after increasing popularity and demand, the company name was changed to Jantzen Knitting Mills. From this point forward, their popularity and appeal grew by leaps and bounds.

The 1920s offered even greater growth. The classic red Diving Girl appeared on windshields of vehicles across the country and became an international symbol of Jantzen swimwear. Color combinations were introduced, and the importance of poolside fashion became undeniable. Iconic, desired, and ahead of its time, Jantzen became a poolside reflection of every woman.

Jantzen transcends and transforms time with its continued growth in timeless glamour and romantic fashion. Jantzen offers classic and flattering swimwear that is sure to impress. Not only are you slipping on the latest fashion statement and on-point style with a piece of Jantzen swimwear, but you are transcending an era with the utmost elegance.

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Mesh Solids High Neck Bikini Top

$46.91MSRP: $78.00