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JanSport’s goal is to design, engineer, manufacture and market products that will help you get from point A to point B in the most functional way possible. Consistently incorporating flexibility and functionality into their bag designs, JanSport understands that the backpack you use during the day to carry your books could very well be the same backpack you take hiking with you on the weekends.

The story of JanSport bags and apparel begins in 1967 with three friends and their love for the outdoors. Jan Lewis, Murray Pletz and Skip Yowell lived in Seattle when they created their first framepack and the first panel loading daypack. Murray had just won a design contest for "The Best New Use of Aluminum" for the framepack the trio had fabricated in the transmission shop of Skip's uncle. Once climbers on Mount Rainier and other Northwest peaks saw the new pack, they wanted one for themselves. The rest is JanSport history.

The success of JanSport’s packs reaches across the globe and into various walks of life. For nearly 40 years, JanSport has provided world class bags and apparel that can take you anywhere and everywhere. Celebrating outdoor enthusiasts from the casual walker to the mountain climber, JanSport’s packs and apparel have got your back.

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Ascent String Backpack

$46.50MSRP: $62.00