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Jacques Soloviere Paris

Jacques Soloviere Paris Logo
Jacques Soloviere® footwear is timeless and elegant, impervious to trends that quickly feel inessential. Jacques Solovière is a label that captures the élan of the creative thinker, and is favored by performers, architects, cinematographers, and theater directors. The collection is designed in Paris, but it’s not just Parisien: it has a global allure that comfortably steps into New-York, effortlessly trots through London, takes a leisurely stroll in the sun-dappled south of France.

The colors and materials are really original. The brand muddles the difference between “his” and “hers” by appealing transversally to an état d’esprit—a state of mind—above all else. It’s a stylish presence while remaining discreet, completing a sharp look without overembellishment.

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