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InstantRecoveryMD™ by InstantFigure is backed by science. InstantRecoveryMD wants those recovering to heal in comfort with support. Compression garments are built to improve the blood circulation to the area of the body that it is worn on. With the increased blood flow to the injured area of the body, the wound heals faster and with fewer complications. In the case of a post-surgical patient, compression garments offer additional stability to the injured tissue – holding the area steady, so the wound heals with minimal scarring. Wearing compression garments after a medical procedure can reduce swelling, pain, and inflammation from the muscles and tissues in the surrounding area, and reduce infection. Each style from the InstantRecoveryMD collection offers different benefits to best suit your post op needs. InstantRecoveryMD’s products are perfect for use after abdominal, waist, hip, and back procedures. After two years of fabric testing, a special premier yarn and spandex blend was achieved to be used as compression clothing. Proudly manufactured in the United States of America and made from an exclusive unique blend of nylon and spandex that provides maximum support that gives ultimate slimming and firming effect. With InstantRecoveryMD, the magic is in the fabric. The fabric consists of a single-layer super shaping compression control designed to give the wearer instant recovery support. InstantRecoveryMD’s premium quality products are breathable, durable, and provides shape retention for optimum performance.