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From its beginnings in the Swedish province of Småland, Hestra® has always been driven towards quality. For close to 80 years its spirit and focus have never left those timber forests. Founded in 1936 by Martin Magnusson out of his farmhouse, the business began providing for local lumberjacks in need of durable, water-resistant gloves. In 1937, a ski slope was built nearby drawing attention from locals. As alpine sports grew in popularity, Magnusson saw a new market for his first-rate gloves, and took to making performance products with a user-driven design.
Still run by third and fourth generation Magnussons, the family maintains a close eye on quality to ensure only the best products go out the door. All gloves are manufactured in Hestra factories and the company personally buys all leather, fabric, wool, and other materials. With an artisan focus on finding the balance between durability, moisture resistance, and flexibility, several of their models are handmade by some of the most experienced glove makers in Europe.
As one of the leading international glove brands in skiing, outdoor recreation, and leisure, Hestra’s origins in work gloves still shines through in all of their products today. From mittens to alpine gloves and liners, you can be secure in the fact that these items can take a beating for seasons to come.