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Hari Mari®'s Kids roots were born out of a futile search for signs of color & comfort in a sea of black, brown, and decidedly uncomfortable flip flops. Fusing practical color combinations with premium materials and comfort-driven construction methods, like its patent-pending Memory Foam Toe™, Hari Mari immediately set itself apart from the crowd.

Wanting to do more than just create a great flip flop and stunned to learn that pediatric cancer is the most fatal disease among American children, more fatal than almost all other childhood diseases combined, Hari Mari set out to help. Hari Mari’s commitment sees 1% of gross sales going to support children and their families battling cancer in the U.S. It's called "Flops Fighting Cancer".

Years later, Hari Mari(tm) Kids continues to deliver color and comfort in all of its footwear. Perfect for the next cross-country adventure, the next trip to the beach, the next backyard BBQ - or anywhere in between - Hari Mari Kids is committed to making the flip flop for flip flop enthusiasts... and helping a lot of brave kids along the way.