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Do you love your swimwear? It might seem like a silly question, but Leah Gottlieb, the founder of Gottex®, has always been a visionary. When she decided to turn her expertise at raincoat making to creating swimwear, there was no such thing as a company that centered exclusively on swimsuits. She was so dedicated to her vision that she sold her wedding ring for the capital to start her new venture. Leah's commitment to design and detail is still evident in every piece of Gottex swimwear.

What is it that makes Gottex swimwear look different from everyone else? The first thing that stands out about Gottex is the colors. Leah was influenced by the light and the colors of Israel. From the pink of stones, to the blue of the Mediterranean, to the golden yellow of the desert, Gottex swimwear is alive with color. The second thing that distinguishes Gottex swimwear is versatile design. Leah once said "Women can wear our collections from pool to bar, then go out to a restaurant or cocktail party."

Besides gorgeous color and unique, versatile design, Gottex swimwear is made to flatter. Gottex pioneered the use of hard-cup bras and spandex for swimwear. Their designs still make generous use of spandex, which results in a shapely swimsuit that will make any woman look and feel her best at the pool, by the beach, or wherever else she might go. With style, design, and construction like this, it's no wonder that Gottex is America's top swimsuit export. It's time to fall in love with your swimsuit.