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From Cassel Goorin to Goorin Brothers: A Hatmaking Legacy Unfolded

A hair before the turn of the century, Cassel Goorin, a consummate hatmaker, peddled fedoras, top hats, derbies, and the like off a horse cart in the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a result of Cassel´s artistry and craftsmanship, he incorporated a company that has passed the tradition of hatmaking from one brother to another. That company is Goorin Bros. - bold hatmakers since 1895.

The legacy born out of Cassel's keen attention to detail flourishes in three current hat lines: Goorin Core, Cassel Goorin, and 1333 Minna. Located in San Francisco, Goorin Bros. creates a kaleidoscope of hats for those who are above ephemeral trends. Goorin Bros. hats are suited for those who harbor a passion for tradition and authenticity. Goorin coined the term 'The New Royal Class' to refer to the unique collective of people who carve their own distinct, creative path. The discerning Goorin hat wearer is part and parcel of 'The New Royal Class'.

For those who accessorize to the beat of their own drum, Goorin Brothers hats and scarves add a distinct modern-meets-retro sensibility to casual to dressy ensembles. There's no right or wrong, just what looks and feels good. The Goorin brand is synonymous with effortless style that isn't at the mercy of fast and fleeting trends. This is at the heart of every Goorin Bros. design.

Ingenuity and artistry emanate from all Goorin Brothers hats. Modernity and tradition entwine and shine. Personify your original spirit in a Goorin Core cadet, Cassel Goorin fedora, or a 1333 Minna duck bill. Hat wearers are style innovators-what are you waiting for?

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