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GLOBE was established in the 1980’s, born out of Hardcore Enterprises, an Australian-based company specializing in skateboards and street culture.

Peter and Stephen Hill founded Hardcore in 1984 and rapidly expanded it to become one of the world’s largest skateboard distribution companies. At the time, the Hills were professional skateboarders who were dissatisfied with the quality of skate and snow products available in Australia, so they went into business to import the best from the USA.

Through constant film productions, promotions, tours, contests, video and magazine advertising, Hardcore became the driving force behind the skateboarding explosion during the mid 80’s in Australia.

In 1994, along with brother and current GLOBE CEO Matt Hill the GLOBE brand was created. After 10 years of design, production and distribution with Hardcore it was time to create a global brand. First with skate shoes and shoes for surfers, and then with apparel and hard goods for the broader boardsports market.

Fast forward to today and the same crew of skaters, surfers and snowboarders that started the business back in the 80’s has grown to a global network of counter culture artisans that are united by board sports, street fashion, media, design, and film.